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Update :)

Welcome back to Mesa Vista and the Adams household, with founder Zach, his wife Nikki and their four children: first-born twins Ryan and Quincy, Josh and Jillian, with baby number five on the way.
Sounds like one big happy founding family, right? Well, not exactly, if you recall...

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MV Week 4 Ng Cover 2
Hello, and welcome back to Mesa Vista, where we peek in again on Kerie Ng’s family, and as you can see, she was in a bit of a quandary.

Kerie is not the only one, which I’ll explain later.
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I'm back with another Mesa Vista update:

Welcome back to Mesa Vista, where our founding family, the Adams, were moving into their larger and much nicer house. But typically, I'm getting ahead of myself again...

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I am happy to announce that this will be the final installment for Week 3! Finally!

Mesa Vista - Week 3, Part 5(a) )
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Hi, and welcome to more of Week 3 in my Build a City Challenge for fun!

Mesa Vista - Week 3, Part 2(a) )
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Welcome to Mesa Vista, a BaCC I started last August in anticipation of finishing my Apocalypse, and my first story posted directly to LiveJournal - partly to see how I like this method, and partly because I expect these updates will be pretty short in length.

There are variations of this challenge, but I have chosen to play by the original rules created by clintcasey85. I'm also playing this more as a goal-oriented challenge rather than a means to tell a story (though who knows, that might change), so the population will grow quicker than what might be considered realistic, but hopefully not over-the-top so.

Okay, with all that said, let's get rolling! )


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