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New update :)

MV 5-8 Cover 1
Welcome back to Mesa Vista and the Outside family, where the kids were growing up really fast.
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Here's a new Mesa Vista update.
I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season!

MV 5 Mazza 1 Cover
Welcome back to Mesa Vista and Madeleine Mazza’s household! In Week 3, Maddie’s roommate-turned-lover Neil Cameron passed away sooner than expected, before their daughter Nellie was even born. It was a devastating blow that sent her into aspiration failure, but the following week she found a second chance at happiness sooner than she had ever imagined with Ryan Wheeler.
Also of note in Week 4, Neil’s ghost still hadn’t made an appearance, but obviously that was about to change…
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Hello, it's been a while! Here's a new update:

MV Wk 4 Pt 10 Outside Cover
Welcome back to Mesa Vista and the Outside family! There is a reason for the looooonnnnng break, like over the past several months I played a few of the families in a different order than I wanted to write them, and wrote 99% of Nicole and Mina's chapter at Uni almost a month ago, so you can expect the Uni update to follow shortly.

Okay, enough with the excuses, I say we follow Emily's lead and jump in where we last left off...

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Happy New Year! I bring another update, this time of Madeleine Mazza's family.

Welcome back to Mesa Vista, where we again visit the (Cameron-)Mazza household. The tombstone is all that's left of the Cameron side because, as you may recall, Neil Cameron died of old age sooner than expected in Week 3.

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I am happy to announce that this will be the final installment for Week 3! Finally!

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