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So, for those who follow my BaCC, you know I was getting increasingly frustrated when customers weren't paying for makeovers at Yvette Tan's Re-Nu-Yu Salon. Well, a few days ago I sent a copy of the salon to Nemo so he could do some testing, and after a couple of days of trial and error, he figured out the correct protocol for one Sim running a salon:

- Click on the Ug-No-More (lol) Makeover Station and set price to the cheapest, ie Ridiculously Cheap.
- Click on the makeover chair again and make your Sim the stylist.
- When the sales meter appears above the customer's head, DO NOT PERFORM ANY SALES INTERACTIONS to help the sale along, as that causes your business Sim to no longer be the stylist, meaning no makeover for them to sell.
- While the customer is contemplating the chair, your Sim will stand next to it, and once the customer's sales bar is full, they will go straight to the chair and the Stylist will autonomously do the makeover. When they're finished, the money earned will float upwards and be added to the household's cash as it does at a venue business.

Yvette got four §25 makeovers, one right after the other, following this method. Sooo happy, now the salon is fun again!

- If you want to charge a higher price for makeovers, you could have another Sim do the selling, but not after the customer's sales bar is full, as that apparently breaks the sale for that makeover.
(Haven't tried this yet myself...)

Btw, if this info is already out there, I couldn't find it...

Anyway, a paying salon is a happy salon!


Happy Styling, Happy Simming!
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Hi, I finally have another Mesa Vista update, and saying I'm glad/relieved to get this one finished is an understatement!

MV Week 5-4 Cover
Welcome back to Mesa Vista! This is our first visit to Yvette Tan’s home, fresh from her breakup with Brandon London, who is now engaged and happily cohabitating with Rebecka Rossi.

Yvette wants to be an Education Minister, and she also owns the Re-Nu-Yu Salon.

Be prepared to enter the random zone...
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Hello again, I'm back with new Mesa Vista update!

MV Week 5 London Cover
Welcome back to Mesa Vista, where we again visit the London household.

To recap the previous week for aspiring Hall of Famer Brandon London, things hadn’t work out between him and Yvette Tan, the owner of Re-Nu-Yu Salon, and by the end of the week she had moved out of his place into her own.
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Hi, I'm back with more of Week 5!

MV Week 5-2 Shin Cover 2
Welcome back to more Mesa Vista, where this time we’ll be revisiting Diane Shin and her family. Diane, you may recall, has the travel bug, and her hubby, Stephan, became a Business Tycoon in Week 4, earning Mesa Vista its second Business District.

Let’s see what else happened before the Shin’s made their way to Twikkii Island…
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Hi, I'm back with more Mesa Vista!

MV 5-1 1 Messlot Cover
Welcome back to Mesa Vista, where we are beginning Week 5!
First up is revisiting Tracy Messlot, who is currently knee-deep in the Messy Messlot Challenge featuring the Derelict Dream Home, both of which can be found at MTS. In a nutshell, the challenge is to redo the house with the nicest stuff and no cheats.
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Here we go with the final entry for Week 4!

MV Week 4 Burns 01 Cover
Welcome to my final household in Week 4 of Mesa Vista!
As promised, this is the Simself of my oldest son, Steve… er, Burns here (Montgomery anyone?), who I originally planned to use just for playtesting this windfarm for Little Nemo/twilightoutside as part of his moneymaking scheme for expediting another private university in a BaCC.
Then Steve here decided he wanted 50 First Dates. It’s a LTW I haven’t done before, and it just so happened that real Steve was between girlfriends at the time, so it sounded like fun. I asked him if he minded if I put him in my BaCC, and he readily agreed. (He is after all the one who introduced me to the Sims back in 2002 after he got out of the Army. Little did either of us know what a monster he created!)
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Sims Wk 4 Cover
Welcome back to Mesa Vista and Marie Sims’ household.
As I mentioned in my last update, from now on I’ll be posting shorter updates with less writing so I won’t get so bogged down.
“Does that sound fair to you, Moonshine?”
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MV Week 4 Ng Cover 2
Hello, and welcome back to Mesa Vista, where we peek in again on Kerie Ng’s family, and as you can see, she was in a bit of a quandary.

Kerie is not the only one, which I’ll explain later.
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I'm back with another Mesa Vista update:

Welcome back to Mesa Vista, where our founding family, the Adams, were moving into their larger and much nicer house. But typically, I'm getting ahead of myself again...

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Here's a quick little update, under 20 pics. Hallelujah!

MV Week 4 Gainsborough Cover
Next up is another CAS household I added in Week 4.
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Welcome back to Mesa Vista and the first Uni chapter of this BaCC, featuring another wonderful house by plasticbox at MTS, decorated and landscaped by Yours Truly ;)

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Hello, it's been a while! Here's a new update:

MV Wk 4 Pt 10 Outside Cover
Welcome back to Mesa Vista and the Outside family! There is a reason for the looooonnnnng break, like over the past several months I played a few of the families in a different order than I wanted to write them, and wrote 99% of Nicole and Mina's chapter at Uni almost a month ago, so you can expect the Uni update to follow shortly.

Okay, enough with the excuses, I say we follow Emily's lead and jump in where we last left off...

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Nicole Outside breakdancing at La Fiesta Tech with her sister Mina looking on.

The video is a little rough, but I'm happy with it and making it was a lot of fun.

Song: "No Myth" by Michael Penn.

Nicole's outfit by MistyBlue at MTS:

Mina's blue top by Bruno at MTS:

Happy Simming!
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As you may already know, I am playing Callista's Homeless Challenge as a sub-challenge within my Build a City Challenge, and will have to play their (as of yet unborn) child in the Winter with no shelter. But, since I won't be able to play them again for a while, and I was pretty anxious to see if I could manage it, I'm playtesting a couple of scenarios in a different hood to find the best way to success.

I've linked to the actual challenge rules at the bottom of this post, but in short, to break the cycle of homelessness, a descendant of your Homeless Sim must go to University, and in order to do that, they must have 10 scholarships.

First, I made a couple + toddler in CAS and placed them on a "homeless" lot in the Fall to see if they could avoid the Social Worker without shelter. Answer: Yes, I had no problems with temperature and got no warnings, but your own mileage may vary. (Sorry, didn't take pictures, but I did opt to have the toddler skill Charisma rather than go for any toddler skills.)

EDIT: Sorry about that! Put the rest under the cut...
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I bring another update. :)

Welcome back to Mesa Vista and the Carl Homeless household!

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Happy New Year! I bring another update, this time of Madeleine Mazza's family.

Welcome back to Mesa Vista, where we again visit the (Cameron-)Mazza household. The tombstone is all that's left of the Cameron side because, as you may recall, Neil Cameron died of old age sooner than expected in Week 3.

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Welcome back to Mesa Vista, where it looks like wholesome family values are finally coming to roost.

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I bring another update of my Build a City Challenge! :)

Welcome back to Mesa Vista! And yes, another new CAS family has settled in...
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Welcome back to the Shin household in Mesa Vista, where the glitches just keep on giving!

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