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Catching my writing up with my playing.

Welcome back to Mesa Vista, and introducing the Wing family, the first in my new rural/farming district.

Of course, not made by me, but by Seren at MTS, though I will be adding some houses and larger lots for farming purposes.

This old married couple is Cynthia and Aaron Wing, both with randomized personalities and LTWs, or me just winging it, thus the Wings.
Cynthia rolled Pisces (4/4/4/7/6) and Pleasure, and wants 50 dream dates.
Aaron rolled Scorpio (6/5/8/3/3) and Romance, and wants 20 simultaneous lovers.

This is their son Scott and his bride Katherine, both of whom have made occasional appearances around Mesa Vista.
Katherine rolled Pisces (4/3/7/3/7) and Pleasure, and wants 50 first dates.
Scott rolled Virgo (10/2/5/3/5) and Popularity, and wants to be a Rock God.

Okay. Let me state up front that none of these are going to happen! Remind me to never, ever roll aspirations for married couples again! >:

Typical Mesa Vista start: the Wings were house rich and cash poor, and every household that wasn't constrained by a challenge needed to buy a business.
"Where is that boy, he should be helping!"

"Reporting for duty, Ma!"

Rural/farming district demanded some gardening.

"Do you have something to tell us, dear?"

It took about four days of digging to come up with the money to purchase a car lot for Scott, aptly named Scott Wing Motors (originally Cherrybrook Motors by ambersjourney at MTS). It wasn't cheap to buy, by any means.

Scott learned that selling cars was easy, making money selling cars was not.

Wow, this is taking shopaholic to new heights - thanks, lady!

Or maybe not.
Even after redeeming the first wholesale perk, Scott didn't have enough money to restock all his cars.
Not only did I neglect to get a good frontal picture of the lot, it wasn't until I was sorting through the pictures that I realized he was selling a minivan I had chose in Social Worker Blue. Boo, hiss, no wonder this was the worst initial showing for a business in Mesa Vista history!
So, after reaching level 1, I decided to quit while behind...

Back at the Homestead, Aaron and Cynthia were too busy enjoying their retirement to bother with such trivialities as wholesale pricing and bad color choices...

"All that digging for nothing... what will you do about the car lot then?"
"Play around with it next week until we figure out how to make a profit."
"Don't mind me, just having a baby here..."

Whoa. I have never seen this many aspiration points in one room.

"My lands, I'm a grandma now!"
"I know, isn't it exciting? Isn't she beautiful?"

"Aww, isn't she precious?"

"Awww, my precious little Betsy."

"Hello there! Would you like to come out and play?"

Since the random aspirations weren't working for me liking this family, I gave them all Family for a secondary aspiration.
Katherine didn't roll any wants to cook but she didn't mind doing it, especially since having two doting grandparents gave her the time to develop an interest in it.

The beginner garden yielded some good, healthy plants. Even more of Cynthia and Aaron's time was spent raking and composting the considerable amount of leaves dropped around the lot. I think they can expect a really good crop next time.

Doting grandparents left time for other pursuits as well.

"A grandbaby! How sweet!"
"Pardon my plumbbob, but she's the cutest little thing."
"I bet she i-is..."
Marie Sims proved to have a natural affinity with older men, and Aaron was quite taken with her, first wanting to be her friend, and then her best friend, and periodically got the yen to kiss her.
All of that was well and good, but she just... wouldn't... ring... up... the sale.

I fiddled around with Marie at her bakery with no luck, and eventually asked about it at Boolprop.com, where Rflong7 suggested making sure she was assigned as the cashier. I discovered I kept switching her to "Ring Up These Customers" to speed her up, but this time I set her as the cashier the last thing before she left the lot, and then sent Aaron to Just Desserts again.

"That'll be an arm and a leg, please."
"Here you are. Can I kiss you?"
"Hehe, oh, you!"

I didn't want the family spending the whole week digging for money, so Katherine looked for a rural/farming-appropriate job and found one as a security guard. I thought the lower levels of Law Enforcement were very suitable, and the starting pay was good too.

So good, in fact, Scott took a position too.
You know, Scott, there's carpet in front of the TV, and you'd be able to see it too!
"Carpet is for sissies *grunt*, I must be tougher than the bad guys!"

Ooh, tough guys!

That night under a beautiful Sim(Nopke) night sky, Katherine and Scott started their jobs.

Sweet! With double promotions, the Wings were finally going to build up some much-needed cash!

That's one proud mama and son.

*Urp* "Uh-oh."

Kathrine rolled a want to win a cooking contest, which I thought was cool, so she went to some Cuisine blogs to up her enthusiasm.
Oh, "fun" fact: Aaron and Katherine have two bolts for each other. Luckily (for them and me), neither rolled any skeevy wants.
"Skeevy! You wound me, Katherine is like a daughter to me."
Just the same, I'm watching you like a hawk, old man!

Actually, I became very fond of Aaron and Cynthia, Aaron especially.
"Heh, I still got it..."
Between working the night shift and Cynthia having a thang for playing musical beds, no one was awake for Betsy's birthday except Grandpa Aaron, who was quite a bit closer to her than any of the others.
"My gampa." *pat pat*

Poor Katherine, she got as far as pulling the handle, but didn't quite make it...

Oh man... noble composure, this ain't!

"Here you go, then you won't be so tired."

"That's my big girl."

Every so often, grandpa had to straighten and stretch his back - so cute, and so true!

"Proof that I am an awesome grandfather!"
Yes, he is :)

I usually don't do the activity table because of its size, but I read that turning it on the diagonal reduces its footprint to one square, although that caused some funky clipping issues. Betsy eventually navigated it successfully, though.
"Yum yum!"

By now Katherine was quite a good cook, though her specialty leaned toward hamburgers. Might want to rethink that for the contest, Kat!
"Have you tasted my burgers? How do you know they're not gourmet burgers?"

"Mmm, very yummy and thoughtful of you - thanks, Pops. Two pregnancies is quite enough for me."
"My pleasure."
(My first time cheesecaking for twins.)

Double the money, double the fun.

And another one!
The last one. The next level is Vice Squad, so I think this is as far as they need to go in the career.
"Did you read that, Katherine? A break from the mean streets of St. Hubert!"

And that was the end of the week.
After all the promotions, Scott built a greenhouse to protect his parents' tomato crop from freezing.

A final daytime shot of the house.

As an aside, this was the original lot they purchased: Homestead Farm by ruthless_kk at MTS. I fell in love with its charm, especially since the Wings could afford it after I removed some of the landscaping. After they moved in, I realized that the reason they could afford it was because the lot was shallow, with no room for farming or even much of a garden. Also, the main house has only one bedroom, and even though the barn was set up as another living quarters, I didn't want the family living in two separate dwellings, so I demolished the barn and expanded the house.
Not as cute, for sure, and now realize I have to tweak the front porch roof, but it's more livable for this family.

This little greenhouse ate up six thousand simoleons - more expensive than I thought, and way more than I wanted to spend, but since my goal in this hood is to generate money from gardening/farming even if only on a small scale, it stayed.

The rest of their earnings was eaten up by taxes, so cash-broke again is where we leave the Wings.

BaCC quick stats:
Playable Sims: 86 (85 + 1 grave) added Aaron, Cynthia, Scott and Katherine from CAS + Betsy born
Sim Multiplier: 34 (+1 Scott Wing Motors became the 35th community lot)
Population: 2924 (+251 WOOO!)

Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!

Date: 2016-03-21 04:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] katrisims.livejournal.com
Hooray, more Mesa Vista and a new family!

Heh, I suppose that's what you get for randomizing married couples: romance and pleasure sims with number wants, and a farmer who wants to be a Rock God! :D

What BaCC family doesn't get to start by digging for treasure? :) It seems the Wings were quite successful, judging by the treasure chests.

Hmm, I've heard that making money on cars is actually pretty hard. Is it because the restocking cost is so big? A car dealership is something I definitely want to try, though I'm a bit intimidated. Maybe with a family that's already on the wealthy side.

Aww, hi little Betsy! Wow, that's a lot of aspiration points - especially given the family's aspirations!

Glad you got that cashier thing fixed. I'll have to keep that in mind, too.

Aww, I like Gampa Aaron too. <3 Skeewy wants or not.

Hooray for promotions and upcoming cheesecake twins! And indeed WOOO for awesome population boosts, congratulations!

An enjoyable update, as always! :)

Date: 2016-03-22 05:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lorinsv60.livejournal.com
I would definitely recommend a car lot for a Sim with a lot of cash on hand. I obviously had no idea what I was getting into - I'd figured after the initial investment it would make decent money from the start - boy, was I wrong! Oh well, Sim and learn :D

Yes, also good to know about setting the owner of a playable business as the cashier. I believe the same principle will also apply to Kerie and her massage table (set her as masseuse, which I think I forgot to do, oh noes!).

Digging for treasure to finance a new business is definitely the norm in MV and will probably remain so, but I would like to try different approaches sometimes, like making the home lot with just the bare necessities and get the money to build a house and expand the business with money earned from the business. Fairly easy to do, I would think, with the money perks. Also fun experimenting with what businesses are good money makers.

Glad you liked the update, Katri, and thanks for the comment!

Date: 2016-03-22 05:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] j68-challenges.livejournal.com
Never tried a car dealing business, but if you want a lot of work, a lot of staff and no profit - try a retaurant ;)

Date: 2016-03-24 05:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lorinsv60.livejournal.com
Yeah, restaurants are tough. I got one to level 10 once (before Mesa Vista) and have no desire to do it again. I do need one for Mesa Vista though, as the Bon Voyage food stand I used in Pagoda Sushi doesn't fulfill Date wants to dine out.

Date: 2016-03-23 08:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] simlili.livejournal.com
St Hubert looks great!

What a lovely family! Is the bride a maxis template? She's very pretty! That beautiful hair helps too.

I want to sell cars as soon as possible, because I never had that kind of shop ever. I didn't understand what the issue was. He couldn't afford to restock, is that it?

(I'm going to cry now, why did I never think of turning the activity table diagonally? XD Thank you!)

(Congrats on the first cheesecake :) )

I like to play loners and never start entire CAS families like this, the Wings are really nice and I love their extended house, their "rural" outfits and looks, their homely and spacey interior.
All they need is a doggy next week. I'm sure Betsy would agree :)

Date: 2016-03-24 05:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lorinsv60.livejournal.com
Thanks! My inspiration to make this family was you, and your moving in elder townies in Baccville, for the cemetery population and Paranormal. About Katherine's face, I'm not sure, I made her over two years ago :( I've put in and taken out a couple of default face templates, but I can't remember when in relation to when I created the Wings. The first default templates I tried were AllenBBQ's, but there were too many pretty faces in my game, despite the pics on MTS looking like slightly extreme Maxis templates. I now have Lionspau's (also MTS) in, but I'm not sure I had any defaults in when I made the Wings. Sorry I can't help there :(

Yeah, about selling the cars. I didn't know it at the time, but I guess selling cars for "Cheap" doesn't earn enough to cover restocking them, even with the higher wholesale perks. I definitely need to playtest some more, and until I can figure out what the breakeven thresholds are, I would recommend using a family with a lot of cash on hand to run one.

I only knew about placing the activity table diagonally through reading a story, perhaps Fuzzy Sporks', can't remember for sure.

I prefer playing smaller households, but the Wings were a fun family setup for a change - elders with grandchild(ren) are charming, the rural district gives me a reason to play some of the more hokey Maxis content that I like but don't normally choose, the cemetery thing (though I really like the elder Wings), and the quick boost in population was gratifying.

A doggy for Betsy is a great idea, making note of that :D

Date: 2016-03-25 03:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] simlili.livejournal.com
Lol! It is nice to have elders in the household.

Don't worry about Katherine's face, it was just curiosity, as she sometimes seems to have Ben Long's face, sometimes another template. Default templates would explain why I couldn't decide.

Thank you for the car dealership explanations. It still sounds less scary than running a restaurant (which I still haven't tried either!)

Date: 2016-06-09 09:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sandalaris.livejournal.com
Yeah for cheesecake! Although they typically have to eat more than one piece to be guaranteed twins. I think it's an increase by 20 percent each slice or something.


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