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A new family has moved to Mesa Vista :)

Ramaswami Wk 5 Cover
Welcome back to Mesa Vista, and the Ramaswamis are coming to town!

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 2
Sanjay and Priya’s new home, Private India, was inspired by some Google images of modern Indian architecture, and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.
Anyone recognize the lot? Anyone?

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 3
If you guessed the Fiesta Fortress from the Lots and Houses bin, you win!
Can we all agree that Maxis outdid itself in the LOL WTF SMH Department with this thing?
Still, I saw potential in the building and especially the gated entry, and the Ramaswamis could afford it at just over §30,000, which left them about §3,500 to make it better suit their needs.
Plus the added bonus that I didn’t have to build it myself…

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 4
Annnnd after removing/selling all the tacky and utterly superfluous Celebration Stuff crap, the house went from this

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 5
to this.
I deliberately gave the front fenced area somewhat of a fixer-upper/work in progress feel because my own little mini-challenge with the Ramaswamis was to see how nice they could make their house look by the end of the week. The only rule was they couldn’t dig for treasure to buy any of their furniture.
Oh, and I changed my mind a lot with the decorating throughout the week, so sorry in advance for any inconsistencies.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 6
The main splurge initially was on remodeling the kitchen.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 7
Another part of the renovation was to bump out the right front of the house in order to create a nice little area for dining. I also shortened the length of the kitchen by one square.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 8
“I think it will be perfect for us, Sanjay.”

Most of the stuff I’ve seen before with the Ramaswamis did not give me the impression they are an especially lovey-dovey couple, but they sure acted that way in my game.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 9
Even right after getting their makeovers, they were still all over each other!

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 10
“Tell me, Priya, what would you have done if there had not been an opening at the paper?”
“Silly Sanjay. I did my usual fact checking before even considering our move here.”
“I should have guessed, knowing how thorough you are.”
“You know me well, my love.”

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 11
It was indeed a lovely first night in Mesa Vista for the Ramaswamis…

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 12
The next morning Priya was anxious to continue honing her fact-checking skills at Mesa Vista's fledgling newspaper.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 13
And Sanjay, who had the day off, familiarized himself with their new home.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 14
Yup, loving their new dining area.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 15
Looks like Priya had a great first day on the job!
“I will put on this show so Sanjay will never guess The Mesa Vista Sim Times was not at all impressed with me and I must start all over again from the bottom.”

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 16
“Hello, I thought I spotted a familiar face! I was just admiring your house.”
“Thank you. Do you live here as well, Kaylynn?”
“No, at least not yet. You know how it is, a townie’s best hope is to be at the right place at the right time and hope for the best.”
“Then I hope some day I will have the opportunity to admire your house.”
“Hey, I hope so too!”
“I would invite you to stay for dinner, but I did not have a good day. Perhaps next week instead?”
“Thanks, I’d like that. There’s a rumor that a new Business District has been added, that can only increase my chances, right? Anyway, gonna go check it out. See you around, Priya!”
“I wish you luck, Kaylynn.”

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 17
Kaylynn’s plight as a townie reminded Priya of all she had to be grateful for.
“No. I have never hidden anything from Sanjay, and I will not start now.”

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 18
“I will not give up, I will study harder and show The Mesa Vista Sim Times what I am made of!”
“That’s my dear Priya, who never fails to make me proud.”
“Oh, Sanjay *sniff* it was almost worth it to hear you say that.”
“Furthermore, I predict they will see the error of their ways and promote you back up quickly.”

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 19
Not only was Sanjay’s prediction right, Priya’s promotion bonuses along with a couple of his own were speeding the home decoration challenge along nicely.
"I invited Kaylynn Spitzig to be our first dinner guest next week."
"Very good, we should be more than ready to entertain by then."

(Regarding the looks I gave them, Priya’s was a no-brainer for me, but I haven’t decided yet whether to have Sanjay wear modern or more traditional garb.)

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 20
It wasn’t long before a future member of the Ramaswami family made itself known.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 21
Priya off to work, showing how dang cute she is pregnant.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 22
“A treasure chest? What has Sanjay been up to?”

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 23
But before she got a chance to ask him, the first wave of labor pains engulfed her.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 24
“Is it over? Can I look now?”

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 25
“Welcome, my beautiful son. Welcome, Madin ('pleasing').”

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 26
“Isn't your father silly, Madin? Dearest, you can look now.”

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 27
The downstairs bedroom was made into Madin’s nursery. Luckily the easel could stay since painting didn’t interfere with the baby sleeping.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 28
“Sanjay, what is this?”
“A token of my love and appreciation, simi jaan. Thank you for our beautiful son.”

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 29
“I am honored and shall wear it with pride.”

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 30
I wish it was a little more noticeable, but here is Priya wearing her gift, a new nose stud.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 31
More sweet new parent picspam…

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 32
So, about Sanjay and that treasure chest…

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 33
… part of it went to paying taxes, and the other went to...

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 34
Surprise!, purchasing a community lot, Asha ('wish, desire, hope') Jewelry.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 35
Not sure if I’ll keep this setup of the jewelry displays, as the placement arrows looked backwards to me. We’ll wait and see how it shakes out the following week, because right now Sanjay had a new baby to take care of!

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 36
Sanjay and Madin held down the fort while Priya was at work.
This chapter is light on pictures, so it doesn’t show Sanjay working, but he advanced one level in Music to Summer Camp Music Teacher (Level 4) and is on the verge of another promotion.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 37
Priya ended the week one level higher in Journalism than where she started, though I doubt she’ll be an Obituary Writer for long, seeing as Mesa Vista has only one dead guy... ;)
Glad to see she’s happy with their week, because I loved playing the Ramaswamis!

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 38
Designer diary: a couple of ideas I had for the living room.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 39
I like them both, but I think I’ll stick with this one (unless I change my mind again!).

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 40
I’m also considering contrasting the bright-colored walls with Paste paint, which I never use because it looks so cold. Kinda liking it here, though.

Ramaswami Wk 5-5 41

That ends a short, sweet chapter for the Ramaswamis!

Next up: Madeleine/Nellie Mazza and Ryan Wheeler

BaCC quick stats:
Playable Sims: 68 (67 + 1 grave) + more on the way
SM: 21
Population: 1428

Thanks for reading and Happy Simming!
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